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The NEW BTD-200QF Flexmachine utilizes a highly rigid quill with unique spindle structure. Its user-oriented design is both mechanically and electrically integrated and employs advanced technology based on tradition machine tool design.

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Machine Specifications BTD-200QH


X-axis travel (table longitudinal direction) mm 1 500
Y-axis travel (spindle head vertical direction) 1 200
Z-axis travel (table cross direction) 700
W-axis travel (quill travel) 400
Distance from table top surface to spindle central line 0 ~ 1 200
Distance from table central line to spindle nose 450 ~ 1 150


Table working surface mm 1 000 x 1 200
Table loading capacity kg 4 000
Table top-surface configuration (T-slot, 160mm pitches) mm 22 (width) x 6 (slots)


Spindle diameter mm 110
Quill diameter 200
Spindle speed min-1 20 ~ 3 000
Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper No.50
Spindle bearing inner diameter mm 110


Rapid traverse X, Y, Z mm/min 12 000
W 5 000
B deg/min 1 080
Feedrate X, Y, Z mm/min 1 ~ 6 000

Automatic tool changer

Tool shank type MAS BT50
Retention knob type MAS P50T-1 (45 degrees)
Tool storage capacity 30 [60, 90] tools

Spindle motor

(30 min./continous) kW AC 30/22

Machine size

Machine height mm 3 190
Floor space 4 400 x 4 430
Mass of machine (including CNC system) kg 18 000


Positioning accuracy X, Y, Z mm +/-0.005/overall travel
*X, Y, Z (with scale feedback) +/-0.003/overall travel
W +/-0.012/overall travel
Repeatability X, Y, Z +/-0.003
*X, Y, Z (with scale feedback) +/-0.002
W +/-0.008
Table indexing accuracy  (B-axis) arbitrary angle in units of programming resolution   +/-3"
Table indexing repeatability (B-axis) +/-1.5"

painting colour

  Two-colour painting of R4-383 (Munsell 5Y8.4/0.5) and N2.5
For the NC system, servo motor, cooler or the like, the painting colour shall conform to each manufacturer's standard
Values in brackets [] refer to options.
The items with the * show the specifications when optional accessory of "linear scale feedback" equipment is used.

General View

General views BTD-200QH
Due to technology developments or advancements, all machine specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subjected to change without notice.