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HSC Series

Choose the combination cutter head or exclusive cutter head

Numerical control enabled for high accuracy, high speed and heavy cutting with a single index method

Processing rate is 10 times compared to 5 times of gear hobbing machine

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Machine Specifications HSC-130 HSC-200 HSC-400

Type of gear

External  Internal  External Internal External Internal

Max. diameter of gear

mm 1 300 2 000/3 000 4 000/4 500

Max. module

25  40 27 40 27

Table Diameter

mm 1 100 1 630 2 400

Main motor

kW 22 37 37

Mass of machine

kg 21 000 40 000 65 000
Due to technology developments or advancements, all machine specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subjected to change without notice.