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The Most Accurate Method of Measuring Calibration

Machine tool builders routinely use laser interferometry to check equipment during assembly and automatically compensate for CNC machine and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) positioning errors.

Now, companies working towards ISO 9000 certification can use laser interferometry to "map" their shop-floor process capability. Manufacturing engineers must monitor equipment-process capabilities on an ongoing basis. Demand for high part quality often preclude using conventional gauges, making laser calibration the only option. This strategy allows the engineers to assign high precision work only to the most accurate machines, using others for routine applications. Measurement intervals will vary. Some machines must be calibrated monthly; some, quarterly; others annually. Timing depends on the equipment's working hours, stability, required accuracy, and historical processing performance.

  • Reduce downtime and ensure reliability.
  • Reduce scrap and the need to rework parts.
  • Grade your machines by accuracy and repeatability.
  • Eliminate time-consuming inspection runs, readjustments and machine tests.
  • Meet ISO standards by maintaining the consistency of your machine tools and parts.
  • Have on hand a complete analysis of results before and after positional and geometrical accuracy correction.

Improve your productivity, Product Quality and Bottom-Line Performance

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